Fiona C Campbell

Knowledge and expertise

An acknowledged expert in the field of housing benefit and social rented housing, Fiona is available to offer her subject matter expertise across a range of disciplines.

She recently worked closely with an e-learning company to produce two web packages aimed at local authority staff who administer and manage the delivery of housing benefit. As well as a working knowledge of the construction of an e-learning package, she can provide subject content material in housing benefit, council tax benefit, housing management and a number of other related topics.

As part of a government initiative to improve service delivery, she contributed to the development and construction of a toolkit for local authority managers.

Fiona is available to work with businesses designing housing- and benefits-related products for the public sector, and can offer an insight into practical service delivery and user interface issues. She will also liaise between organisations to facilitate the smooth implementation of such products

At the other end of the scale, she is currently working with a specialist housing organisation, liaising with local authorities on behalf of individual clients with disabilities to progress new options for sustainable tenancies.  She is keen to undertake more advocacy and representation, and would welcome the opportunity to become increasingly involved with third sector organisations.