Fiona C Campbell


Nowadays almost all organisations have their own websites - but how easily can your customers find the infornation they need?

Fiona has experience of developing a logical website structure for a complex organisation, as well as editing and approving content, and framing responses to FAQs.

While at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), she undertook a research project examining the accessibility of certain information across a sample of websites.  This complemented another DWP research project set up to evaluate the customer experience of the various public DWP websites.

Fiona is keen to work with you to maximise the impact of your organisation's intranet and extranet presence on staff and customers. She will undertake an information audit and provide you with a plan of action to take forward her recommendations. If necessary, she will edit existing content and provide new material where required.

Although this is offered as a stand alone piece of work, Fiona will work alongside other consultants, for example, in preparation for an Investors in People application.